Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lose 5 in 7 - Day 4 early post

5 a.m. scale reading: 126.6#. But I didn't get too excited, because yesterday had some hiccups in it, I felt dehydrated when I woke up (my eyes were even dry), and I know tomorrow I'll probably pop back up to 128-ish - which is where I'd expected to be.

So, to summarize the progress so far:

Saturday: 131.4
Sunday: 130.0
Monday: 129.4
Tuesday: 128.4
Wednesday: 126.6

I totalled up the calories and macronutrients for today's meal plan, tweaked it a bit and it will provide about 1400 calories (room for a latte in the afternoon!), 120 grams of protein (36%), 125 grams of carbohydrate (37%) and 26 grams of fat (17%). Higher carb, lower fat, same protein.

Luckily, the gym posted a "Pick your WOD" today, so I can pick a tough one, and then also, hopefully, do a soft sand run this afternoon.

Onward and upward! Or should I say the scale!

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