Friday, April 17, 2009

Lose 5 in 7 - Day 6

Yesterday was a blurrrrrr!

We woke up late for whatever reason - that's happened twice that I can remember, so I sprinted through breakfast and out the door. Didn't weigh in due to the late start, but kept on the meal plan and used yesterday as my rest day from working out. My upper body was starting to ache so I took advantage of not wanting to drive the extra 40 minutes to the gym!

So today, though not necessarily leisurely, we were up on schedule, weighed in at 127.0 - pretty close to what I expected, especially with no physical activity yesterday. I'm on Monday's meal plan - just recycling it

So, I'm at day 6 of the first 7 days, having started last Sunday at 131.4 being the highest weight. My total body weight loss to date is 4.4 pounds, right on track to hit the 5 pound mark by tomorrow morning (need a loss of -0.6 which is a weight of 126.4). My workout this morning wasn't aerobic - but rather a few Olympic lifts for max weight, so I'll try to take a jog or hit the Tmill or stepper at the gym later today.

I started this blog and effort with the quote "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" - and it's true. While this week's not been exceptionally peachy, it was fruitful (pardon the pun!). I had one higher calorie day and because my fat levels were moderate, I can only remember being hungry a few times, usually before a morning workout.

So, one more week at this. Sunday I'll "reprogram" my meals within the CFSP MOW (menu of the week) and schedule out my week to try to do a few two-a-day workouts, a rest day, and also take into consideration Friday and Saturday will be "event days" as my husband and I are headed to the Alafia River State Park where he'll participate with Team RebelHealth/Crossfit St. Pete in the Talon Adventure Race. We're taking food for most of the meals, so I should be able to stay on course - just can't weigh in at the hotel -not without MY scale (said the scale-o-phobe)!

I think what this potentially humbling experience proves is that the basics are true - the basics to weight loss...
  1. Be Accountable. Document or log your food and KNOW how many calories you're taking in.
  2. Eat whole foods. By eating whole "real" food versus overly processed and refined foods, your organism gets the type of nourishment on which it was meant to function. Your organism does not innately know what a HoHo is, or even a "box" of mac 'n cheese. It does, however, know what carrots and radishes are; what apples and fish and chicken are; and what an oat grout or a rice grain is. And it likes these things!
  3. Be active - strategically. I hate this one, not because I hate to exercise - quite the contrary! But because this one is sooooo misconstrued. A slow "floppy" walk down the sidewalk for 10 minutes is not going to contribute to your health, let alone aid in weight loss. Science provides us with thresholds for exertion with exercise. If you don't know what they are, find someone who is qualified (certified by an NCCA accredited organization) and learn. This is where benefits come from - not just "being active" - although for those who are sedentary, it's a good start. (The operative word being "start" - not "end"!)

Tomorrow is Saturday - early beach run with husband then, unfortunately for the diet plan, lunch out with family...I'll be Googling PF Chang's menu tonight to strategize my choices for tomorrow - fish and veggies will be the goal - as well as resisting dessert and wine!

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