Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When You Feel Down...

I used to have a teenage version of the Bible, given to my by pastor, called The Way. I just Googled it an ironically can't find the exact cover I have, but the "neat" thing about it is that in the front of the book, there's a section entitled "How This Book Speaks Directly To You" - there are phrases that identify common strife among teenagers, such as:
  • When you feel guilty
  • When you're tired
  • When you're hurting
  • When you need courage
  • When you think about injustice
  • When you've been offended
  • When you wonder about the government

At the end of each of these phrases, the book tells you where to goin the Bible to find a Christian answer to that question. It was a great resource as a child/teenager, and frankly, because of how simplistically my brain prefers to work, it's still a great resource. Life, and all that's in it, doesn't have to be complicated - we make it complicated because of how we feel.

Because I'm a health and wellness exit on the World Wide Web's Interstate, I'll keep this post focused on these topics...losing weight, eating healthier, adding physical activity into your life....or, if you're already on those bandwagons...getting back on the good nutrition wagon, getting back to the gym or restarting exercise after an unforeseen hiatus (or upping the intensity) isn't hard, you just have to do it. Not sure what can push you in that direction? Check out this very short but very powerful article by the folks at Again, Faster - it's worth, not just the read, but also a bookmark! Simple, basic and true...just like what we learned in "kindygarten" nice with others, share, say please and thank you...

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