Tuesday, September 9, 2008

RebelHealth Runs, Jumps, and Climbs Tall Buildings!

On Saturday September 27th, my husband and I will be running in the New York Men's Health Urbanathlon. It's a combination of short distance running and urban obstacles. In between each "leg" of running (about 3 miles) is an obstacle of some sort: culverts to crawl through, cargo nets to crawl over, head-height hurdles to climb over, walls to scale and lastly, 50 flights of stairs (up AND down) of the World Trade Center #7. This race is mostly men, although in YouTube videos from last year's race, I did see a few women participating. For me, it'll be about simply finishing!!

I'm excited to announce that we will both be running in Under Armour / RebelHealth attire!! Introducing the first RebelHealth shirt! And yes, that's my hunky hubby modeling his black and white version. We were just back from the gym and when we photographed my shirt (the color version), the image from the neck up...just wasn't something I was interested in publishing! But seriously, a big shout out to BigFrog in Clearwater, FL. Nate jazzed up our shirts in no time flat. Thanks!

I enjoy entering competitions like this for several reasons. First, it's definitely going to be a physical and mental challenge for me. I get bored with exercise routines easily, and the training program for this race, although I haven't followed it to the letter, was somewhat fun and definitely functional - lots of functional exercises! Second, it's and opportunity to seriously rely on my hubby - he's a great motivator - and probably the only one, other than my brother, that I'd trust to get me through this type of course. And lastly, it's an opportunity to get away for a long weekend, see a show, hoof it around the city like we so love to do, and be active, all at the same time. My kind of time away! Semi-healthy and fun!

Adventurous vacations are a great idea, especially if you've fallen into a rut of doing the same things over and over. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is a great way both enhance the vacation experience and invigorate your fitness routine. The Internet is flush with companies offering packaged adventure vacations like rafting, hiking, biking, skiing, climbing...you name it and there's probably a company who'll set it up for you. Even if it's just taking an exercise class that you've never taken before at your vacation hotel - mix it up! Both your body and your mind will benefit.

So, wish us luck on the last three weeks of training, and then on race day. Pray for no blisters, no face-plants and no"tripping" up the stairwells - and for strong hearts, lungs and muscles!

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