Sunday, June 22, 2008

Congratulations, Hubby!

Today I must honor my ever-dedicated, ever-motivated husband. My husband has a double history (mom's and dad's side of the family) of high cholesterol. Mom's had open heart surgery and dad's on statins. Family history is beating him up with metal baseball bat! (he loves baseball!)

We've known each other for a long time, and have been married for four years. Since just before we were married, specifically in 2002, we've known about his "familial cholesterolemia", or hereditary/genetic high cholesterol. From 2002 to 2005 his total cholesterol bounced between 220 and 260 (goal: under 200), with his HDL's between 45 and 70 (goal: 40-72, higher is better), his LDL's between 160 and 200 (goal: 0-99, lower is better, so ouch!), and his triglycerides between 70 and 120 (goal: 20-149, lower is better). It wasn't until late 2005 that he really got serious about exercise, and that I started to dive into understanding food and nutrition to the level we practice now. Without going through all the stages of his evolution in detail, the summary would be when the doc finally recommended a statin in 2005, he asked for an additional 3 months. He decided to train for a marathon. He changed his diet to reduce empty calories, eat only as much high carb/starchy calories as he'd use, and ensure he got enough protein. His next bloodwork showed normal total cholesterol, seriously improved LDL's and triglycerides! That was in 2006 - he skipped having bloodwork and a physical in 2007, as he was in the middle of a total body and nutritional overhaul - adding more weight training, reducing the duration but increasing the intensity of his cardiovascular training, and immaculately cleaning up his diet. With the June 2008 bloodwork, we're proud to announce even better scores! (Like the Cheerios guy: I lowered my cholesterol...!!) Total Cholesterol is 195. HDL's are 63. LDL's are the lowest they've been at 119 - still a touch above normal, but so much improved from a high of 198! Triglycerides are down by almost half to 67. And his total cholesterol to HDL ratio and his LDL to HDL ratios are WELL UNDER their limits!!

Congratulations, babe! You are a walking specimen - a billboard - for great nutrition, great planning and execution of a fitness program - all within a powerful, intelligent and charismatic "renaissance man" package that I'm so proud to call my husband. (Oh, and did I mention soooooooooo handsome? That stylish, Italian/Cuban look - with brains and body to go along with it! Sorry, I got carried away.) Back to the numbers. In addition to the basic metabolic panel of successes that his bloodwork showed, I have to mention that this 46 year also has the bodyfat of a teenager - again, kudos to his dedication, commitment and drive (or should I say over-drive!). I think if we could study what it is in his brain that drives him to succeed once he sets his mind to it, we'd solve the world's obesity problem! He carries about 10% body fat right now, down from 16% in 2007 - that improvement is in a matter of one year!! Incredible! Ah, if only we could package his commitment.

Congratulations, Hubby. I love you. And I admire all the characteristics in you that make you who you are!

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