Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Long Time Coming....

Only a little over 250 days (or marbles - more on that later) until my 40th birthday when everything changes. All of the unrealized ambitions I've set for myself and my life culminate on that day into the an ominous black cloak-like cloud that perpetually nags at my self-worth and keeps my sense of accomplishment just below the acceptable line. As my husband says: "Show me a satisfied [man] & I'll show you a failure". I constantly strive to improve and be a better person. Oh, I digress...back to the birthday...it will be on that day that I MUST have completed an educational goal that will allow me, finally, to help other former "fat kids" who may still be holding onto either poor health habits from their past or those new to carrying around some extra pounds in their adulthood, change their lives so that they not only normalize their weight (body mass, body fat...whatever term is acceptable and not offensive) and make truly healthy lifestyle choices from today forward.

As a former fat kid and chubby (overweight by scientific terms) adult, there aren't many days that go by that I don't think of some terrible name I was called as a child or how self conscious I was about my clothes...and how frankly clueless I was about the true definition of a healthy life and healthy lifestyle until I was 39 years old! Although, I do maintain that I've only been an adult for approximately 9 years, as I was 30 before I truly "felt" like an adult. So, I've had 9 years to figure it out, and what...at least 25 to 30 to live that life...actively? I like those numbers!
America and most of the developed and industrialized countries on this planet are in the midst of a health care crisis, perpetuated by...so many things: the (fast & refined) food industry, a gluttonous society, urbanization, technology (TVs, computers, video games, remote controls, automobiles), furniture (the couch), educational negligence...I could go on forever!

I have been given a phenomenal gift by my husband: four years ago we collectively decided that I would resign my corporate "dream job" position so that I could find my calling in life. I searched and searched...created a list of possibilities that included sommelier, chef, dietician, farmer...all the while working out like a fiend to lose those last 5 (OK, really 25) pounds! All the effort and research culminated with the realization that I have, and have had all my life, a passion for health: fitness, nutrition and a generally healthy and balanced lifestyle. And there you have it. Step one: ACSM certification as a personal trainer - and it only grows from there.

So here we are. My thoughts will continue to grow and evolve. I will help fight the war against poor health caused by lifestyle related choices - one life at a time - and it started with my husband and me.

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